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2024 League of Partygoers & Elegant People Mid-Year Membership

$ 170.00

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2024 Mid-Year League Membership Program 

A very limited number of 6-month memberships for our League of Partygoers & Elegant People are on sale NOW. 

Memberships cost $170 + tax and will be active starting with our July special release sale. 

Sale pickups will only be available at our San Diego locations (Encinitas and Point Loma) and Native Son in downtown Los Angeles and Santa Ana. Shipping will also be available in OR & CA for an additional cost.

Included Bottle List:
  • (1) 22oz Bottle of Mega Devil's Teeth: Banana Stand
  • (1) 22oz Bottle of Decahex: Double Coconut
  • (1) 22oz Bottle of Suggestion of Mass: Mocha Maple Affogato
  • (1) 22oz Bottle of Wizard Blend 2024
  • (1) 750mL Bottle of Shrine of the Forsaken Gods
Member Benefits:
  • First opportunity to renew League membership in 2025
  • Early access to all bottle & can sales ahead of the public
  • Ability to elect a proxy to pick up purchases
  • Exclusive crowler fill options
  • League-exclusive events, like Preview Tastings and Bottle Shares
  • First opportunity to purchase tickets to any Modern Times Beer events
  • 15% off Modern Times Coffee purchased from our website
Other Important Details:
  • Mid-Year Memberships will be effective July-December of 2024
  • Mid-Year Memberships include League-included bottles from July-December ONLY
  • Mid-Year Memberships do not include League merch
  • Early sale link does not ensure the availability of purchase
  • FAQ's listed below...
Sign up by June 1, 2024 and get a FREE mystery bottle in the July sale!

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How does this work?
    • We're glad you asked! After you purchase your membership, we'll be in contact via email to get you set up with your online account, where you'll be able to see all the bottles you purchase, as well as those included in your membership. Each month, on a specified date, we post ~3 beers on our website that you can choose to purchase. (The first sale for mid-year members will begin on Wednesday, July 10, and the pickup window begins one week later). For 5 of 2024's remaining months, you'll receive an "included bottle" that'll post to your account automatically. Whenever you have questions, feel free to e-mail us at the.league@craftohana.com; our team works in-office Monday through Friday to field customer service inquiries.
  • Can I give this as a gift?
    • That's a fantastic idea - yes! Just complete your purchase as usual and then e-mail us (the.league@craftohana.com) and we'll help set you up!
  • I don't live super close to one of your locations. Can I elect a proxy to pick up my beer for me?
    • Yes! Just ping us an e-mail with your proxy's name. We'll add that person to your account, and they will be authorized to pick up beer on your behalf.
  • When / how do I get my beer?
    • When you become a member we'll ask for your default pickup location: Native Son DTLA, Native Son Santa Ana, Modern Times Lomaland, or Modern Times Far West Lounge. Each month we'll automatically send your included and/or purchased bottle(s) to that spot (unless you ask us to make a change). When you go in, just tell the bartender you're there for a League pickup, and provide the e-mail address tied to your account and/or the order numbers you'd like to pick up.
  • How long do I have to pick up the beer?
    • The pickup window for Native Sons' locations is two months long, after which the beers are sent back to Modern Times, where they'll be available for pick up or shipping for another two months. The pickup window at MT locations is four months from the release date. The emails we send out to members state the pick up windows for your reference.
  • How much does shipping beer cost?
    • In general, shipping a box of beer averages $30. Someone over the age of 21 with valid ID will need to sign for the package. It costs about as much to ship 1 beer as it does to ship a box of 12 beers, meaning you can wait a couple months until your box is full to request shipping. As mentioned above, we only ship beers to California and Oregon addresses. You can request shipping with this form.
  • What's a Preview Tasting?
    • Online League sales begin on Wednesdays; the night before we host a "Preview Tasting" at one of our locations, where a member of the Special Projects Team will guide you through a flight of the barrel-aged beers, plus 1 more MT offering, for $10.
  • What are the beers like?
    • Beers created by Special Projects typically come in the form of high-ABV, barrel-aged Imperial Stouts, Barleywines, and Old Ales. Some brands are meant to showcase the barrels in which they've rested, while others feature adjuncts such as coffee, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, almonds, marshmallows, and much more! At the 2023 Great American Beer Festival, we took home the silver and bronze medals in the Dessert/Pastry Stout category; we also won second & third place in the barrel-aged beer category at the 2023 SD Beer News Awards!
  • What about sour beer?
    • Yes! One of the mid-year included bottles is Shrine of the Forsaken Gods, a sour ale with raspberries added. More bottles will also be made available for sale... we're really looking forward to this one.
  • How much do the beers cost?
    • In general, League bottles cost $32.50. This price reflects the premium, award-winning pedigree that we're known for worldwide!
  • What else should I be excited about?
    • We're glad you asked. League members will have the opportunity to buy a limited amount of a barrel-aged maple syrup towards the end of the year. This one always sells out quickly.

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