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Each box comes with these 3 delicious 8oz whole bean coffees!

Zambia Kateshi Extended Fermentation

Region: Northern Province | Farm: Kateshi Estate | Process: Extended Fermentation with Lactic Acid & Yeast

This incredible coffee comes to us from some of the leading innovators in experimental post-harvest techniques, and it’s one of the most unique and delicious beverages we’ve ever made. This coffee underwent an extended fermentation period with lactic acid and yeast starter cultures, which resulted in enhanced sweetness without sacrificing any of its nuance or complexity. It’s a cup bursting with notes of honeycomb, marshmallow, and graham cracker, and we’re digging the hell out of it.


Thailand Doi Inthanon

Region: Chiang Mai | District: Chom Thong | Village: Doi Inthanon | Process: Natural

This is our second time bringing in coffee from Thailand Doi Inthanon, and we are super excited for round two. A group called The Integrated Tribal Development Foundation recently began working with coffee farmers in the Chom Thong District to help develop infrastructure in the area, and one of the results of their laudable efforts is this coffee, which yields a cup replete with notes of marzipan, brown sugar, and delicate citrus.

Java Argopuro

Region: Tlogosari, East Java | Cooperative: Walida Cooperative | Process: Anaerobic Natural

The unique anaerobic processing that this coffee undergoes is done by placing the coffee cherries in sealed tanks that are pressurized to force the juices and sugars back into the bean, resulting in a singularly vibrant, rich, and delightful coffee with notes of pineapple and cherry.



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