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California tasting rooms are currently closed for onsite consumption, so what better time than now to announce our mug club. Jokes aside, we've been planning this thing for a long time and it's gonna be really freakin' rad. The North Park Flavordome is the definition of a neighborhood bar, and we thought it would be cool for regulars to have their very own custom 21oz mugs that we keep on-site. If you'd like to dedicate your life to the teachings of the Muggalos, then keep on reading

We originally planned on this being a yearly concept that ran from January 1st until December 31st, but since the re-opening date for the state of California is currently unknown, we're mixing that up. This membership will begin on the first day that California opens for on-site consumption and run for a year after that. The mug and year subscription costs a mere $75 and includes the ability to get 21oz draft pours at the 16oz price. Some exclusions do apply such as high ABV and specialty beers. If you'd like to renew the following year, then you get first-dibs on doing so for only $50. If you'd like to buy a mug for you and a companion, then you can do that for the sweet, sweet price of $130. You're basically losing money if you don't buy 2. There will also be events when that time eventually comes in this world, and it'll be quite rad to get all of the Mug Club folks in the same room again to celebrate.

There are only 75 mugs available in total, which technically makes this our most exclusive membership (sorry Theory members). If you want in, then act fast to secure your spot.