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Barrel-Aged & Cask-Conditioned Cupping 10/13 (Encinitas)

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RAD COFFEE EVENT: Barrel-Aged & Cask-Conditioned Cupping. Your chance to peek behind the curtain will be 10/13 at the Encinitas Far West Lounge from 10AM-11AM.

Attendees of this tasting will get a glimpse of the singularly delicious caffeinated wizardry of our aged & conditioned beans. Tickets are $5 and spaces are limited, so if you're dying to know how the magic happens, we'd advise snagging tickets ASAP.

It's no big deal if you've never been to a cupping before; our coffee ninjas will be there to guide you through the tasting process and answer any and all burning questions you may have.

Feel free to shoot an email to with any additional questions or concerns.