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This jaw-dropper of a coffee is the crème de la crème on so many levels, it’s ridiculous. Grown between 1500-1900 meters above sea level in the mountainous Union Cantinil region of Guatemala, the “gold” designation springs from the fact that only the top 2% of these washed-process beans make the cut for this coffee. The meticulous selection process by its skilled smallholder farmers was taken to even more absurdly tasty heights by our coffee ninjas via a 45-day stay in bourbon barrels, yielding an incredibly intriguing cup with notes of juicy orange compote balanced with a delightful oak presence that really ties the room together.

8 oz. bag
NOTE ON COFFEE SHIPPING: Due to our deep and abiding belief that coffee tastes way better fresh, we roast as orders are placed in order to ensure that you get your beans at the apex of deliciousness. This can result in variable shipping times of up to a week before your coffee is shipped to you. Thanks for your patience.