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Cloud Ripper is another amazing example of how marrying spectacular single origin lots can lead to a blend greater than the sum of its parts. This year’s autumnal miracle is the monstrously tasty result of the blessed three-way union between Natural Ethiopia Hambela (50%), Colombia Heriberto (25%), & Guatemala Emiliano (25%), all origins at the height of seasonal ripeness. They converge to create a liquid melody of chocolate fudge notes with undertones of brown spices, balanced by berry jam. It’s the coffee equivalent of a warm sweater on a day just cool enough to justify showing off your excellent taste in warm sweaters. Plus, does a name really get any better than Cloud Ripper (a peak in the Inconsolable Range of California's Sierra Nevada)? Probably not.

NOTE ON COFFEE SHIPPING: Due to our deep and abiding belief that coffee tastes way better fresh, we roast as orders are placed in order to ensure that you get your beans at the apex of deliciousness. This can result in variable shipping times of up to a week before your coffee is shipped to you. Thanks for your patience.

12oz Bag