Custom Doodles (click "more details" for instructions)

$ 40.00

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We’re calling them “doodles,” but observers of your new treasures may call them “watershed moments in the history of modern art.” They may! All you have to do is give us 3 words, and one of our ridiculously talented artists will doodle you a masterpiece that’s worth a thousand.

**IMPORTANT: Remember to give us your 3 words in the “special instructions” field at checkout! If you forget, we’ll just have them draw whatever is currently up in their brain-piece.
Artwork varies in size between 3”x3” & 5”x7”. Shipping times may vary. Before shipping, we’ll send you a non-commercial use agreement, because, while $40 for an original piece from one of our artists is a figurative steal, $40 for commercial use is literally a steal.