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Caffeine is fantastic, but you know what we really, really love? Coffee. That said, we feel we’d be remiss not to make a mind-blowingly tasty barrel-aged decaf for our caffeine-averse brothers and sisters. This washed process, single-origin wonder was grown at 1650 meters by the ASOBAGRI Cooperative, a 28 year-old co-op which includes 711 members from 30 local villages in the Huehuetenango region. Once we got a hold of it, we aged the green coffee beans in fragrant, oaky bourbon barrels for 3 glorious months. The result is a cup with delightful notes of chocolate, dried fruit, citrus, and caramel, underscored by hints of bourbon and oak. It’s complex, decadent, and infinitely enjoyable, caffeine or no caffeine. But, to be clear--no caffeine.

 NOTE ON COFFEE SHIPPING: Due to our deep and abiding belief that coffee tastes way better fresh, we roast as orders are placed in order to ensure that you get your beans at the apex of deliciousness. This can result in variable shipping times of up to a week before your coffee is shipped to you. Thanks for your patience.

8oz Bag