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Understanding Different Coffee Grind Sizes

So, you've got your favorite coffee beans, but now what? How do you grind them to perfection based on your preferred brewing method? Don't worry, we've got you covered with some tips and tricks to master the art of brewing at home.

Why is the grind so important? 

How fine or how coarse the beans are ground affects how fast the water will pass through them, determining the strength of your coffee.

If your beans are ground coarsely, the water will move quickly between the pieces, extracting only some of the flavor. To get a full balance of flavor, it’s best to brew these grounds for a bit longer so more of the flavor is extracted. That’s why, for example, a French Press can take four minutes to get the perfect brew.

Finely ground beans mean the coffee grinds are, well, fine, and packed more closely. Water can take longer to pass through all the grounds and, as a result, extract more of the flavor. That’s why when you’re brewing an espresso, you only need a fraction of the time you’d use with a French Press to get the full flavor of your coffee.

French Press / Cold Brew

For that smooth and rich French press coffee, you'll want a coarse grind. Think breadcrumbs, not sand. This allows the water to extract the flavors without over-extracting, resulting in a delicious cup of joe. Coarse grind is also the best option for cold brew given the long steeping process. It's like a slow dance - the longer it steeps, the better the result.

Drip Coffee Maker

If you're a fan of the classic drip coffee maker, a medium grind is your best bet. Not too fine, not too coarse. It's like the Goldilocks of grinds - just right for that perfect balance of flavor and strength.

Espresso Machine

For that intense and bold shot of espresso, you'll need a fine grind. This ensures a quick extraction and that signature espresso kick.

Whether you're a French press fanatic or an espresso enthusiast, grinding your coffee beans to match your brewing method is essential for that perfect cup. And if you're not into grinding your beans at home, you can let us do the work for you! Choose from Coarse, Medium, or Fine grind when ordering your coffee in our online shop