About Modern Times Coffee

The Modern Times Coffee crew is a coalition of ultra-dedicated, boundary-pushing coffee enthusiasts whose primary quest is to bring you some of the highest quality, tastiest cups of coffee on the planet Earth.

This mission is a massive undertaking, but fortunately, we have an incredible team of coffee magicians, all of whom are constantly tasting, roasting, and experimenting, and tirelessly seeking the finest and most innovative experiences in caffeination. And occasionally decaffeination.

You can snag beans and cold brew in our tasting rooms, online (which includes small-batch releases), and at a bunch of fine retailers throughout Southern California.

Roasting Program

Our little operation has exploded as one roast for one beer (which aptly shares the Black House moniker) into a robust and splendidly diverse program, featuring a whole host of single origins, coffee blends, cold brews, and barrel-aged coffee offerings.

All of Modern Times Coffee is ethically sourced from the dopest growing collectives in the world--some of which our coffee people have even had the distinct pleasure of experiencing first hand.

Our resident mages of caffeination have been known to regularly get weird with these fantastic products; experimenting with aging and conditioning techniques, collaborating with like-minded creators, and putting out some seriously killer limited releases.