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Elite Beer Club Membership

The Theory of Leisure Committee is an invitation-only tier of our League bottle club membership. We keep the total number of members limited, making it one of the most exclusive beer club memberships in the country.

With this level, our members enjoy higher initial limits on our monthly pre-sale beer shipments, earlier access to order beer, and exclusive events and merchandise.

Here's the breakdown on how sales work for The Theory of Leisure Committee:

  • The Theory pre-sale always begins before the League pre-sale, and 99% of the time, Theory starts with higher initial limits than the League.
  • There is no "double-dipping" during the League pre-sale. Theory members and League members must stick to the limits listed in their respective emails until the limits have been raised.
  • We will always send out an email with raised limits the day before the public sale begins, and at that time you can purchase according to the new limits listed in that email.
  • The public sale limits are completely separate from member pre-sale. If a beer makes it to the public sale, you can buy however many are listed as the public limit on top of your member presale purchases.
Example 1: The Theory pre-sale begins and the limits are 2 bottles per person. The day before the sale ends you receive an email saying the new limit is 4 bottles per person. This means that when all is said and done, you can end up with 4 bottles maximum.

Example 2: If the bottle from example 1 also happens to be included in your membership, then those included bottles do not count against your buying limits. So if there are 2 bottles included in your membership, and the bottle limit is 4 bottles per person, then this means you can end up with 6 bottles in total. 2 included bottles + 4 purchased bottles.