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Subscription Start Date - as soon as you order

Coffee can mean the difference between productivity and teetering off the edge of madness.

To that end, we’d be remiss not to offer our comrades in caffeination an option that not only keeps them awash in tasty, tasty beans but also removes tedious decision-making from the ordering process.

Our coffee ninjas have meticulously curated a rotating parade of single-origin, blended, direct-trade, and barrel-aged radness, a bag of which will be sent to your door every month for the next six months on the same day your order was placed.

All you have to do is order it once, then brew it and drink it when it shows up on your doorstep on the same day each month. In a year of unending complicated decisions, that seems like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Taste The Lineup Subscription Schedule: 

  • January - Black House Blend
  • February - Rotating Single Origin
  • March - Shadow Party Dark Roast
  • April - Rotating Barrel Aged
  • May - Idea Machine Blend
  • June - Seasonal Blend
  • July - Black House Blend
  • August - Rotating Single Origin
  • September - Shadow Party Dark Roast
  • October - Rotating Barrel Aged
  • November - Idea Machine Blend
  • December - Heavy Weather Winter Seasonal